We are a small team of talented instructors with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Elora Herberick

Director, Owner, Yoga Instructor, Plant Based Nutrition Counselor

With a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science, Elora had her eyes set on the Peace Corps and the United Nations at a young age. With an internship at the State Legislature under her belt, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand from 2015-2017. That experience taught her about the importance of grassroots and where real change begins. So her path changed, no longer did she want to become a policy maker- she instead decided to become a change maker. Having spent the majority of her twenties traveling and experiencing different cultures, amazing food, and ways of life – Elora has gained insight and knowledge she intends to share with EVOLVE Yoga and the local community.

Elora has practiced yoga on and off the mat since she was six years old. She studied Ashtanga Vinyasa through an intensive 200 hr training at All Yoga School in Thailand in 2017 and received her 300 hr training in Yin and Restorative Yoga with My Vinyasa Practice in 2020. As a 500 hr Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor she has been teaching in New Milford, Connecticut and surrounding areas for the past 6 years. Through her practice she has learned that yoga is not only about the physical daily practice of beautiful and challenging poses; but more so about mastering the mind, the breath, and the spirit. After 4 years at ah yoga, she acquired the New Milford location and rebranded to EVOLVE Yoga Wellness Nutrition in February 2021. She aims to bring together the ancient yoga discipline with modern science and sustainability. She believes that the path forward is through community connection and healthy lifestyle choices for our bodies, minds, and our planet.

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Sarah Maasik

Yoga Instructor

Sarah received her certification in November 2018 after starting her yoga journey in January 2018 with a restorative class at Holy Yoga CT. Sarah deeply enjoys the meditative qualities gained from a strong yoga practice and delights in sharing this with her community. In balancing a busy life, she found the crucial piece is yoga for clarity and energy.

Sarah is also a  FAA certified Helicopter pilot and instructor in addition to a FAA Licensed dispatcher. Being a proud mom of two wonderful boys, she loves getting them involved in aviation.  They often help her practice yoga at home while providing inspiration for yoga classes through their eyes.Sarah’s class style is upbeat, trying to find the joy in every class, with a music focus. She is also very active in bring DoTerra oils into her life and others for better well being, as well as bringing oils into her yoga classes to enhance the experience.

Allison Mannix

Yoga Instructor

Allison has been Buti Yoga certified since 2017 where it quickly became her favorite type of workout. Buti has allowed Allison to let go of the day’s challenges and express herself through the up-beat, deep tribal movements that this practice brings. Her practice is music based, incorporating both slow mindful movements as well as high intensity movements. She is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals and strives to make her workouts engaging, challenging and fun.

When she is not practicing Buti, Allison works as a middle school Special Education teacher in Danbury, CT to the most amazing human beings.

Gretchen McCarthy

Pilates Instructor

Gretchen is an advanced certified pilates instructor and founder of Balanced to the Core, ( an online Pilates membership focusing on community, accountability, and connection.  Gretchen has been teaching fitness and Pilates for over 20 years.  She teaches how to listen to your body (it talks to you all the time), encourages you to embrace modifications when they are needed, and helps you to celebrate all your body can do, instead of focusing on what it can’t.  Gretchen welcomes the messy, because perfection is boring! She believes in moving intuitively as you feel your way through exercises, tapping into your unwavering deep strength once you wake up all those sleepy under utilized muscles in your body.  With Gretchen you will find love, support, and a place to truly celebrate you. 

Lindsay Marie

Yoga Instructor

Lindsay has been practicing yoga in all its forms for over 15 years, beginning while living in Santa Monica, CA. She has experienced the different styles of yoga all across the country and brings a uniqueness to her practice. Lindsay left her corporate career in 2021 to focus on sharing her practice and wisdom with others. She incorporates breathing techniques, mudras, and knowledge of the energetic body into her classes, offering her students benefits beyond the physical postures. Lindsay enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She will be getting married in July, has one son, a soon-to-be stepson and stepdaughter, and two dogs. She is a recent graduate of the 200 hr YTT program and is registered with Yoga Alliance. 

Sandy Trimarchi

Yoga Instructor

Sandy completed her 200 hour Raja-Hatha teacher training program in 2011 with Amy Peace-Hayden at the Ratha- Hatha School of Yoga. Her yoga journey has been one of her greatest teacher’s. The training she received was rooted in alignment and refinement. She feels that this practice of yoga is not exclusive to the mat but in all aspects of life.  Sandy likes to bring a mindful, informative, challenging, grounding and fun class. Always something new with lots of modifications available.  

Along with teaching hatha yoga, hour of power, and prenatal yoga she is also a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor. She also has her BA in Communication Disorders from SUNY New Paltz. When she’s not on the mat, Sandy enjoys Stand up Paddle Board Yoga in the summers as well as hiking and kayaking.

Ruby White

Resident Shaman

Ruby White is a channel. She is a birth, postpartum + soul doula; musician, actor, and writer; womb priestess and intuitive medium. She has been practicing shamanism, womb healing, and embodiment / trauma healing since 2018. She is also the creator of Temple Untamed workshops, podcast/online community, ceremonial group experiences, and retreats.

Ruby is most passionate about holding space for women to unravel and transform into their most liberated, untamed, and authentic selves so they feel fierce + confident in their bodies and expression – remembering that they have always been magic. She is excited to continue serving this community through the beautiful walls of EVOLVE and beyond.

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