Our Classes

Here you’ll find the wide variety of classes we offer at EVOLVE. Take a peak and contact us with any questions you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!



Yoga practiced with a slow, nurturing and soft pace. It’s a time to cultivate inner strength and  peace. Easy non strenuous postures are taught, sometimes in a gentle flowing sequence supported by the breath. Expect measured stretching and range of motion exercises in mostly seated positions. Props are sometimes used to facilitate deeper release and relaxation. More emphasis on the meditative component of yoga.  This is as an all level class appropriate for stress reduction, injury/illness recovery, and seniors (must be able to go to and from the floor unassisted). All levels are welcome. Beginners are encouraged to start here.


In Sanskrit, Hatha translates to ‘force’ and is more traditionally defined as ‘the yoga of force’, or ‘the means of attaining a state of yoga through force’. This Tantric practice focuses on posture and breathing techniques, traditionally to channel vital energy source. Move through guided asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, and meditation. This wholesome practice provides deep body, mind and spirit connection. All levels are welcome.


It’s like a massage on your yoga mat. Stretch invites us to learn how to actively stretch and strengthen our bodies targeting primary muscle groups surrounding the hips, hamstrings and upper back. Poses that utilize long holds, deep stretches, and slow, thoughtful movements, stretch and release all the neuromuscular tension we tend to store in our muscles and connective tissues. This class provides a calm and relaxing space to let go of tension, focus on our breath, and let all our stresses fall away. You get to decide how challenging you would like each pose to be! Options will be given to go deeper into the poses as you refine your practice. All levels are welcome.


Gentle Flow

This prop based class is designed to create mobility, ease the mind, and calm the body. This practice is intended to gently warm the body thru a meditative flow that offers mindful movements that are linked with the breath. Easy non strenuous postures are taught. In addition to asana, classes often include opportunities for pranayama and meditation. Beneficial for both lifetime practitioners and beginner yogis. All levels are welcome. Beginners are encouraged to start here.

Root to Rise

Wake up and tune into your body with this mindful morning flow. Experience the benefits of waking up to your yoga practice as you stretch your body, awaken your mind, and fuel your spirit. Salute the sun with a smile and gracefully work out all of the kinks and tightness from your night’s sleep. This sweet, grounded practice encourages self-care and body-awareness through heat-building, flowing, and centered movement. You’ll feel energized, have amazing mental clarity, and will be ready to flow through your day with ease. All levels are welcome.

Soul Flow

The beginner-friendly yoga class is everything you never knew you needed. Designed to make you feel relaxed, not just physically but deep down in your soul. During this experience, we’ll focus on Self Work and Self Care while listening to the dopest playlist on the planet. Rejuvenate, relax and refresh your body, spirit and soul where harmony through yoga and music restores balance and positive energy. You’ll sweat a little while opening your Chakras and vibing out to the rhythm and sounds of Adele, John Legend, Joss Stone, Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill, Hoizer and Phil Collins just to name a few. All levels are welcome.



Also known as the “Eight Limbs” of Yoga or ‘Royal Yoga’ is a modern day form of classical Indian Yoga. The Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series is the first set sequence of six series, increasing in difficulty and mastery. Each series begins with several warming and engaging sets of Sun Salutation A and B. Followed by a variety of standing poses, including balancing and strength building asanas, held for a length of five, long ujjayi breaths. This standing sequence is then followed by the closing sequence, which includes a multitude of sitting postures, backbends, and inversions. A large emphasis is put on proper breathing, expanding the body during inhales and compressing the body during exhales. This degree of focus, on breathing and the gaze held throughout the hour help to aid the student in deepening their practice. The Vinyasa style is one that is consistently moving, vigorous, and a full body workout that takes on the form of a moving meditation. The practice comes to a close with a relaxing savasana. Instruction will allow for modification.


BUTI Yoga is a unique practice, known for it’s cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and conditioning. It’s designed to offer a calorie-scorching, body-sculpting, and dynamic yoga practice. Incorporating spiral structure technique, intentional shaking & vibration, as well as yoga sequencing to provide a full body experience. Feel your body and soul transform during this intense class!


HardCore Vinyasa, as the name suggests, is a series of movements and postures focused on the core muscles. However, HardCore goes beyond that to include the core of yoga postures on the spiritual, mental, emotional and energy levels. In this yoga practice, the definition of the physical core goes beyond the abdominal muscles to include the interconnecting muscle lines throughout the body that comprise the muscular support system. Through this series of core based movements, focus is brought to “core-generated alignment”. By working from this deep-muscle and inner-focus core, this practice improves both physical and mental stability and results in a quicker and more efficient transformation of the body and mind, including confidence and self-awareness. This is a level II class with more difficult postures and transitions. Not Suitable for Beginners.


Power Yoga takes its inspiration and core from Ashtanga Yoga. This style relies much more on synchronized breathing with each movement to produce beautiful, flowing patterns of motion and energy. Power is a dynamic style of yoga, and as such, can help build strength and increase flexibility. There is a heavy emphasis on standing postures because moving your legs gets your heart pumping—a key component of Power Yoga—cardio.

This is an amped up class with loud music, lots of movement, and lots of fun! Not Suitable for Beginners.


Typically in a Vinyasa Class each yoga posture flows one into the next with shorter periods of holding. There’s less emphasis on alignment and more emphasis on connecting each movement with the breath. Vinyasa challenges us to stay calm, centered and balanced, both physically and mentally. Vinyasa yoga can be quite vigorous and tends to build a lot of internal heat which is an important part of any transformational process. Often these classes feel very fluid and can create more of an aerobic/cardiovascular experience. As in most of the classes described on this page, Vinyasa ends in a period of deep relaxation. Modifications offered. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the possibilities! All levels are welcome / Mixed Level Options



In restorative yoga , props (blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps) are used to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer, allowing you to open your body through passive stretching. The postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga poses with the addition of blocks, bolsters  and folded blankets to eliminate unnecessary straining. Restorative Yoga gives the body a chance to develop its ability to heal itself (homeostasis), puts the mind at rest, and the spirit at ease. This class is for those who are seeking a slower paced, gentle practice. These classes typically hold 3-5 postures for longer holds in deep relaxation. Along with intentional breathing techniques this conscious rest will calm your body and mind. All levels are welcome.


Yin focuses on the connective tissues of the body through postures that are held in stillness and mindful awareness for several minutes at a time. A perfect complement to more yang styles of exercise (such as flow yoga, running, or biking), Yin addresses tightness in the joints and connective tissues, resulting in not only more lubricated and flexible joints, but also a greater sense of balance, peace, and calm. Props make the practice accessible to people of all abilities. If you’re an advanced yogi, or new to yoga. We offer an assortment of props to accommodate everyone! A wonderful, detoxifying class. Best practiced in the morning before any other activity, so the body and muscles are still cold. All levels are welcome.

YinVin : This combination class begins with Yin postures helping to switch off fight-or-flight mode, promoting balance throughout the nervous system and tuning into our joints and connective tissues. Then the second half of class moves into a vinyasa flow warming the muscles and enlivening the body. Ending with a deep relaxation.


Prenatal Yoga focuses on positions that are specifically designed for pregnant women’s bodies. In addition to modifying positions for pregnancy, prenatal yoga also emphasizes breathing, stretches and strengthening moves that help your body prepare for labor. You’ll be encouraged to use accessories (bolsters, blocks, wedges or folded blankets) to achieve the proper alignment. All levels are welcome.

Please send us an email to inquire about private prenatal sessions: theevolvemindset@gmail.com