Plant Based Nutrition

Eat more Whole Plant Foods and less of everything else.

Plant Based Nutrition Counseling

Transitioning to a whole-foods, plant-based diet doesn’t have to be challenging! At EVOLVE, we will help you navigate a vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based lifestyle according to your needs to reap the health benefits of increased plant consumption.

We will work with you to create realistic and customized goals because we want to ensure long-lasting results. We use small changes, focusing on the why and how so that you can effectively prevent nutritional deficiencies.

WFPB Cooking Inspiration

The American culture has lost touch with cooking excellent, satisfying meals that taste spectacular while still promoting good health. EVOLVE Nutrition aims to bring that skill back. Many people understand the power of plant based nutrition, but don’t know where to start. We are here to help!

Elora Herberick, a certified Plant-Based Nutrition Counselor and cooking enthusiast -will make plant based cooking easy, fun, and delicious! Check out our Pinterest page below for fun plant-based recipes you can try at home!



Plant-based diets have been linked to a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes and cognitive decline.

Regardless of the type of whole-foods, plant-based diet you choose, adopting this way of eating is sure to boost your health.


People who follow plant-based diets tend to have smaller environmental footprints.

Adopting sustainable eating habits can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and land used for factory farming, which are all factors in global warming and environmental degradation.

Plant-based diets emphasizing local ingredients are more environmentally friendly than diets that rely heavily on mass-produced animal products and produce.