Community Outreach Scholarship Program

Thank you for your interest in EVOLVE Yoga Wellness Nutrition and our Community Outreach Scholarship Program. Here you will find important information about scholarship eligibility, amounts, and application deadlines, so be sure to read through this page thoroughly.

This scholarship program launched in September 2022. EVOLVE has been dedicated to serving our community, providing a genuine and sustainable yoga practice; and healthy lifestyle integration that continues to evolve the physical and emotional health of our students since we opened. We believe that finances should not stand in the way of those who desire to study the powerful practice of yoga. We exercise this belief by awarding yearly student scholarships based primarily on need. We look forward to your application.


The Community Outreach Scholarship Program is open to all those with a profound desire to deepen their yoga practice, create a stronger connection to themselves and to our community.

This is a 1 year student scholarship program for unlimited yoga classes, during which the applicant is encouraged to practice daily and engage with our community in the following ways:

  • Attend 3-5 classes per week
  • Attend Our Community Outreach events
  • Keep a Practice Journal
  • Attend as many special events & workshops as possible (all at 50% discount)
  • We offer seven scholarships per year:
    • Annual income less than $25,000 50 % (2)
    • Annual income less than $20,000 75 % (2)
    • Annual income less than $15,000 100 % (3)
  • When awarded with a partial scholarship the cost is based on 1 year’s worth of monthly membership ($948).
  • Deadline is December 15th for January 1, 2024 start date
  • *** If you receive our scholarship and do not attend for more than 30 consecutive days without notice, the remaining scholarship will be revoked to give others an opportunity to apply.***
  • *** Each awarded participant has the opportunity to apply for a second year, but no more.***

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Simply because yoga should be accessible to everyone and right now we know that it isn’t. However, we also know that together we can work to change that. 


We are looking for people of all colors, religions, descents, sexual orientations, body types, ages, etc. to apply for this scholarship. Queer, trans, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. We look for candidates who can contribute a commitment to diversity and inclusion in this hurting world. Come as you are; and evolve with us. The only things you’ll need are a vision and a passion for change. 

We look forward to meeting you!

  1. Complete EVOLVE’s Community Outreach Scholarship Application HERE
  2. Email to make us aware of your submission. This helps us keep track of applicants in the event of any technical issues with the online forms