Wear Sunscreen?

FDA has previously (as of September 29, 2021) recognized 16 sunscreen ingredients as GRASE (generally regarded as safe and effective). The FDA issued a proposed order on 24Sept2021 (yeah, this is how I write dates 馃槉), to remove the GRASE status from 14 sunscreen ingredients. 馃く 馃く 馃く  So, does that mean only 2 sunscreen ingredients areContinue reading “Wear Sunscreen?”

No Time for Self-Care? Read These Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs

By Brad Krause Being an entrepreneur means that you typically have more tasks to do than you have the time for. So, if you are struggling to keep your business running smoothly, how in the world are you supposed to fit in self-care?聽 Well, you must strategize. And once you figure out your rhythm, itContinue reading “No Time for Self-Care? Read These Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs”

Just Listen

“When everything is already there, but you鈥檙e not taking the time to listen For years I鈥檝e been putting so much energy, time and money into achieving a specific state of awareness and to start living a healthy and vibrant life, that I wasn鈥檛 listening to what was already present. I wasn鈥檛 listening because I hadContinue reading “Just Listen”

Let The Evolution Begin!

On Monday, February 1st, 2021 I turn 31 years old. That particular day is also the official birthday of EVOLVE Yoga 路 Wellness 路 Nutrition LLC. After 4 years with ah yoga New Milford and countless trips to Home Depot and Staples, months of planning, organizing, and painting- it’s finally time to evolve! 2/1/2021 =Continue reading “Let The Evolution Begin!”