Let The Evolution Begin!

On Monday, February 1st, 2021 I turn 31 years old. That particular day is also the official birthday of EVOLVE Yoga · Wellness · Nutrition LLC. After 4 years with ah yoga New Milford and countless trips to Home Depot and Staples, months of planning, organizing, and painting- it’s finally time to evolve!

2/1/2021 = 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 8 The number of balance and harmony.

Do you see it happening before your very eyes? As a culture, we are shifting, we are re-learning, and considering a different mindset. Thus true human evolution unfolds – when we find balance and harmony together, as one collective working towards the betterment of the human condition, the healing of our planet, and the rekindling of what it means to be human – we set roots in a new era. An era vacant of hatred, one that banishes bigotry, and smashes the truth button so hard that people will want to listen. An era, a movement, a mindset devoted to healing our wounds, protecting each other, and opening our hearts to the limitless opportunities that unity offers.

That’s where yoga comes in. This lifestyle of self observation and awareness that webs together the physical and mental practice of oneness. With continuous practice, we create the space within ourselves to understand the space and energy that surrounds us, our deep connection to our world, our relationships, and most importantly our souls. I firmly believe that the eight-limbed path of yoga and its teachings will help guide the world into peace and tranquility.

I know the name EVOLVE isn’t necessarily original, when you look on the internet I’m sure there are a hundred floating around the earth. But I didn’t choose that name to be original or catchy, although the logo is my pride and joy. I chose the name, because it is the only path forward.

I’ve spent years observing us humans. From my student ambassador days, to my internship at the Connecticut State Legislature, through my studies in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science. From my time in the Peace Corps to these last four years as a yoga teacher. I’ve traveled to over 40 countries, seen wealth disparity at its limits, generosity and kindness at it’s finest. I’ve been welcomed with open arms by strangers who quickly became family. I’ve witnessed the phases of life and death in cultures all over the world. I’ve gathered that we are a unique band of primates, but the ever growing list of distractions, mental fatigue, and physical exhaustion that have overrun over lives – block us from the truth.

The truth being that we already have everything we need.

The truth is that being together, in a community with like minded individuals, working towards self healing, actualization, and societal change can make the biggest difference for the ourselves and the lives of the generations to come. That was the biggest lesson I learned in the Peace Corps – and the reason why I stopped pursuing a career in international affairs. I had lofty goals of becoming a member of the United Nations and working on that high level to affect change and make policy for a better world. Through my experiences at the CT State Legislature studying education reform and my 2 years of PC service teaching English, attending teacher trainings, conducting youth development camps, and interacting with my community that I had a huge realization.

The type of change I craved and continue to work towards can only be done at the grassroots level. By building authentic relationships within the community, by sharing knowledge and opening up new avenues of communication we tap into our roots as human beings. We are communal creators, we grow and thrive when working together towards a common goal. And when we innovate in a way that is deeply embedded in love, joy, sustainability, and equality – we improve the human condition, release mental blockages, feel more alive in our bodies, and feed our souls.

As the collective we move forward into a new pattern of being and thinking, I plan on being at the forefront of this evolution revolution with an open mind and open heart. 2020 was a rough year, but it allowed people to reset their priorities. Now, more than ever – we are craving community, we are craving unity and oneness, and we are craving health, wellness, and the huge energetic shift that will come in the months ahead.

Thru creating EVOLVE Yoga Wellness Nutrition, I have come full circle. Everything that I have experienced has prepared me for this momentous step forward. In my own personal evolution and empowerment I have been guided to share this vision and the EVOLVE mission.

At EVOLVE, we believe that the path forward is through community connection and healthy lifestyle choices for our bodies, minds, and our planet. We are committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga, and other healing modalities thus evolving the state of human existence and interaction with nature, ourselves, and each other. We aim to enrich and enhance New Milford through yoga classes, nutrition counseling, community service, and authentic relationship building.

I hope you will join us in the coming days, months, and years to maintain and build this community of yogis, healers, speakers, guides, teachers and students. This studio, this community is meant to hold space for each person as they evolve and grow.

Thank you for reading.


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