The Benefits of Starting Yoga at an Early Age

Yoga is a holistic practice that can significantly impact one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Practicing yoga early in life can provide numerous mental health benefits and lay a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Introducing children to yoga early can help them develop a positive body image, discipline, and self-control. Moreover, yoga can improveContinue reading “The Benefits of Starting Yoga at an Early Age”

Benefits of Meditation for the Mind and Body

Have you ever wondered why meditation has gained so much popularity in the western world? Some say it’s just another fad and this kind of attitude is understandable since turning inwards isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Still, the benefits of meditation for the mind and body are undeniable for those who manage to feel theContinue reading “Benefits of Meditation for the Mind and Body”

Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Yoga to Fit Your Intention

Yoga is an intentional discipline. Your purpose, or the reason you practice yoga, might be anything you’d like to cultivate. When you practice yoga with an intention, you receive more out of your time on the mat. It can be for improved health, compassion, strength, weight loss, mindfulness, pain relief, or several other goals. Moreover,Continue reading “Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Yoga to Fit Your Intention”

Live Your Best Life With This Self-Improvement Guide

Self-improvement is an ongoing and rewarding process that allows individuals to take a proactive approach toward their overall well-being. From mental health and physical fitness to financial security, career goals, and personal growth, self-improvement helps us achieve our highest potential. By setting goals and creating meaningful habits, we can maximize our opportunities for success inContinue reading “Live Your Best Life With This Self-Improvement Guide”

Powerful Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

In the United States, stories regarding rising anxiety and pieces suggesting various techniques to lessen such feelings frequently make headlines. And, if you know anything about yoga, you probably aren’t surprised it makes a list at least eight out of ten times. Many people who practice yoga will tell you that it has significantly alteredContinue reading “Powerful Mental Health Benefits of Yoga”

Growing thru Grief

My dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer in August 2021. Just two short months later, after intensive chemo and radiation, we lost him to pneumonia in the hospital. I didn’t get to say goodbye, not that it would have been any easier. I lost the strongest roots and grounding force in my life.Continue reading “Growing thru Grief”

Your Yoga Practice Will Reap the Benefits of Adding Tools & Technology

While yoga is a worthwhile use of your time, you might find that your practice is becoming dull. Routine is a good thing — but not when it’s causing you to stagnate. Fortunately, adding budget-friendly technology, tools, and equipment to standard yoga practice can elevate it to new heights. Here’s how — plus the benefitsContinue reading “Your Yoga Practice Will Reap the Benefits of Adding Tools & Technology”

Just Listen

“When everything is already there, but you’re not taking the time to listen For years I’ve been putting so much energy, time and money into achieving a specific state of awareness and to start living a healthy and vibrant life, that I wasn’t listening to what was already present. I wasn’t listening because I hadContinue reading “Just Listen”

My Journey to Plant Based Living

I grew up eating what I like to call – the *healthier* Standard American Diet. My mom is a Type 1 diabetic so she was always very conscious of how much sugar was at my disposal- and thankfully I was never a picky eater. I’ve always loved fresh fruit and veggies- but as I gotContinue reading “My Journey to Plant Based Living”

Let The Evolution Begin!

On Monday, February 1st, 2021 I turn 31 years old. That particular day is also the official birthday of EVOLVE Yoga · Wellness · Nutrition LLC. After 4 years with ah yoga New Milford and countless trips to Home Depot and Staples, months of planning, organizing, and painting- it’s finally time to evolve! 2/1/2021 =Continue reading “Let The Evolution Begin!”