Your Yoga Practice Will Reap the Benefits of Adding Tools & Technology

While yoga is a worthwhile use of your time, you might find that your practice is becoming dull. Routine is a good thing — but not when it’s causing you to stagnate. Fortunately, adding budget-friendly technology, tools, and equipment to standard yoga practice can elevate it to new heights. Here’s how — plus the benefits of doing so.

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You Enjoy Your Practice More (with a Well-Trained Teacher)

Formal yoga instruction can be an intimidating item to budget for. But by investing your dollars in a high-quality and well-trained teacher, you’ll enjoy your yoga breaks more and further hone the craft. Especially as a beginner, selecting the right studio, instructor, and class is hugely important. Choose a studio or private teacher with the right credentials — such a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance Standards. Credentials back up an instructor’s expertise and guarantee they’re always learning and improving in their field.

A certificate or degree also proves that your instructor is serious about their practice and not just looking to cash in on fitness trends.

You Learn It’s Okay to Fail (by Being Gentle with Yourself)

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it’s highly personal. Each person has different capabilities, comfort zones, and strengths. At the same time, its effectiveness depends on doing what’s right for your body and abilities. Sometimes, it takes a bit of practice to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This means that just because you’ve invested in a tool or spent hours learning a pose, that doesn’t mean you have to commit to it forever.

Yes, spending money on equipment you never figure out how to use is wasteful. But permitting yourself to fail often means refocusing your sights on progress. As Forbes confirms, failure is an ingredient for success. Whether it’s work, personal goals, or fitness milestones, failure teaches you how to approach things from a new angle — and master anything that stands in your way.

Reach Larger Goals (by Setting Intentions Digitally)

Setting goals or even small intentions for your yoga practice helps keep you on track. Defining your fitness goals — such as mastering a specific pose, exercising for 30 minutes each day, or incorporating new equipment into your routine — increases the odds you’ll be successful. However, it’s important to recognize the difference between goals versus intentions. As Yoga Journal explains, intentions are about your internal motivation and feelings, and they can be spiritual in addition to physical. Goals, on the other hand, are quantifiable measures of your growth. Holding a specific pose for a set number of breaths, for example, is a noteworthy goal. With intentions, naming feelings and desires goes a long way toward making them a reality.

Intentions also influence your physical goals, and a positive mindset can do wonders for your progress. Then again, recording your goals and intentions on a smartphone app or in a note on your phone also holds you accountable, another crucial ingredient for success.

Build Your Skills Without Leaving Home (by Investing in Supplies)

One of the least expensive ways to build your yoga practice is by investing in some home equipment. Rather than paying to visit a studio or gym, you can slowly add to your supplies with yoga mats, blocks, blankets, bolsters, and a yoga towel. Once you have your equipment squared away, remember to keep your space nice and clean; otherwise, you could cause unwanted stress and anxiety, which is the last thing you want when practicing yoga.

Many great things can happen when you extend your yoga practice into your lifestyle. By incorporating mindful intentions, useful tools and equipment, and even technology into your training, you’ll accomplish more and feel better about your yoga habits. And above all else, how you feel about your progress is what matters most.

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